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Discovair – rugged acoustic drone detection

Acoustic Drone Detection System DISCOVAIR – Rapid Deployable CUAS solution

Small commercial drones remain a complex security issue. Their ability to easily smuggle objects, carry explosives and intrude into IT-systems makes it necessary to be able to detect and proportionally respond to such threats. Detecting drones requires a trustworthy system with zero false alarms and predictable capacities.

Automated Drone Detection

Discovair, the acoustic drone detection technology from Squarehead Technology, builds on 13 years of experience with extremely directional acoustical arrays and advanced signal processing. The Counter UAS (CUAS) system delivers automated detection of drones at ranges up to 500 meters, with a footprint of a small pelicase. As drone detection system, Discovair can be used stand-alone, or as part of a larger CUAS system through our flexible API.

Acoustic Detection of Smallest Drones

Sounds from Drones are very hard to spoof, and – with an elevated sensitivity compared to other systems – Discovair tracks even the smallest and quietest drone on the market.

Rapid deployable CUAS solution

The drone detection system Discovair weighs less than 30 kilos, and remains one of the most efficient and portable Counter UAS solutions on the market. A Discovair drone detection system deploys in less than 15 minutes, and creates a green zone of up to 1 square kilometer around the CUAS sensor.

The product brochure for Discovair and how acoustic drone technology works can be downloaded here.

For further information about the Counter UAV solution Discovair, please contact our CUAS specialists here.