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Zoom audio

Squarehead Technology provides advanced microphone array systems for audio capture and acoustical zoom. A microphone array  combines a large number of individual microphones to create a highly directional audio output. 

The challenge of isolating and capturing desired sound in noisy environments is a well-known problem. Our products allow an operator to zoom in on a particular area and record sound in much the same way a camera zooms in a scene.

This is achieved by using sophisticated digital signal processing of audio from several hundred microphones combined into a single system. All audio channels are high quality digital signals that can be recorded without any loss.

How does it work?

Our microphone array systems are based on the same principles as sonar and medical ultrasound imaging. When several microphone elements are placed in different locations, the sound waves coming from a source will reach the individual elements with slightly different delays. This can be utilized to form a beam amplifying the sound of interest, while attenuating the sound outside this beam.