Acoustic Camera

How it works

Acoustic beamforming arrays, commonly known as acoustic cameras, enable the user to visualise different sound sources at different frequencies and source strengths. Users want something that is small, light weight, and portable, while at the same time having excellent resolution, and the ability to go low in frequency. This has been an impossible demand for a single system – until now. The Squarehead Hextile is a module based approach to acoustic camera that gives the user both portability and great resolution for a wide range of measurement situations. The array dish is based on a hexagon shape, given it both its name, and the ability to combine several tiles into larger systems.

Sales & Contact information

Squarehead Technology provides the hardware and software platform for Norsonic’s Nor848 Acoustic Camera. Our unmatched realtime array processing make the Nor848 faster and easier to use than any other available acoustic visualization solution. See Norsonic’s website for more information.

Note: All sales and support inquiries for this product should be directed to Norsonic.

If you have any further questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.