Industrial Measurements


Noise and sounds are present all around and may give us information not easily seen to the naked eye. The ability to visualise different sources of different strength and frequencies may be a powerful tool for engineers, acousticians and problem solvers. Add to that the virtual microphone that gives the capability to only get audio signals from the chosen listening point, and listen to sounds coming from specific directions of the video image, while suppressing noise and sounds emitting from other positions than what is selected. With this tool the user has the power of super hearing, and may gain more insight in addition to regular colour plotting of sources. Such super hearing may be especially useful in noisy and complex sound environments, where for instance different noise sources greatly impair the ability to distinguish which machinery is producing a faulty noise.

A new modular design concept for acoustic arrays


Lightweight and portable.


Great resolution.

Multitile (LF mode)

Low frequency measurements.

Distro tile

Distributed remote monitoring.

Our Solutions

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Condition Monitoring

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Industrial Acoustic Measurement