Squarehead unveils Discovair G2

Squarehead unveils Discovair G2


Squarehead unveils Discovair G2 – the first rugged microphone array for drone detection. Microphones are difficult to ruggedize – to just make a single mic resistant to weather, rain, moisture and dust is a feat. The Discovair G2 directional microphone array has 128 mics, and it’s rated to IP65. That’s a world first.

Squarehead Technology released the Discovair Counter UAS detection platform in 2016, a system that has done very well in a multitude of governmental tests on both sides of the Atlantic. Our sensors provide the ultimate performance for drone detection when it comes to the following:

  • Operational range close to physical acoustic limits
  • Automated target detection, nearly zero false alarms
  • Pinpoint direction accuracy to target
  • Works by itself, or with any C2 system through the API

Knut Moe, director of business development for Discovair says: “Our clients loved Discovair, and asked us to make it rugged, durable and tough. We are proud to announce the release of Discovair G2, the second-generation acoustic array drone detection sensor unit.

Discovair G2 sensors detect drones and report their vector with high precision. The detection process is carried out using advanced machine learning and will recognize any drone – even the ones that has not been made yet – effectively doing it without any kind of library that would need to be updated.

Discovair protects your immediate area, works 24/7 in all conditions, and remains a largely unspoofable detection technology.

Stig Nyvold, CEO of Squarehead says: “The drone detection market is growing rapidly, also for us, and decision makers are seeing that with autonomous drones and new technologies. With our unique and rugged arrays, Discovair is demonstrating an ever-larger role in the race to protect against malicious drones.

About Squarehead Technology (SQH)
Squarehead Technology was established in Oslo, Norway in 2004 to design and produce acoustic arrays for sound capture. The company has grown to more than 35 dedicated professionals, dealing with purposes such as conditional monitoring, security and surveillance. The company builds both hardware and software in-house, and services a large number of international clients.

Discovair is a passive, highly directional acoustic drone detection system, able to work alone or as a sensor in a system of systems. The system has been through extensive development and is today the go-to solution for acoustic drone detection, field proven and government tested.